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Features to Look For: Message Board Benefits and Uses

Why Offer a Message Board?
One of the main reasons that you might want to offer a message board or forum application is that you want to encourage repeat traffic to your website. One of the best ways to create repeat traffic is build a community feeling on your site. Message boards help build community. They provide a mechanism for site visitors to exchange ideas, opinions and information with others that share similar interests.
  web groups - forums to power your community

You have a great website and many visitors, but you would like to improve their interactive experience. Message board software provides the next level for your website. It offers a time-effective method to interact with your visitors while promoting your products and services or offering your thoughts or expertise.

Your visitors will appreciate a stable, reliable and flexible message board without ads. They will enjoy being able to post messages securely and without the large lag times that may be associated with free message boards. In addition to adding a new level of interactivity to your site, your visitors will appreciate having the ability to share their thoughts with others. Message boards have been proven to help boost recurring traffic as well as brand loyalty. Not just a communications tool, message boards can offer a competitive marketing advantage on the Web.

About phpBB Bulletin Board Software
We have explored a number of bulletin board applications and have been quite impressed with phpBB. Others agree. Nominated along with Google for a Webby Award this year for technical excellence, phpBB is considered by many to be among the best forum software systems on the Internet. As open-source software, it reduces cost of ownership, while providing a robust, stable and dependable bulletin board / forum software package with many great features.

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