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WebGroups Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to WebGroups / Tripcony Consulting, Inc. While using our service, we attempt to minimize the personal information that we need from you. We always want you to be fully informed of how this information is gathered and used. If you have any questions that are not answered by this policy, or would like to talk to us about anything in this policy, please contact through the legal issues and requests form.

What Information Does WebGroups Gather?
When you register with WebGroups, we ask you to provide us with a user name, password, e-mail address information, name, address, birth year, and gender. We'll also ask you how you heard about us and whether or not you'd like to participate in our business partners' programs.

In addition to the information you choose to provide to us, WebGroups also collects other technical information such as IP addresses and the date and time of your visit. Administrators of each WebGroups message board do have the ability to view your IP address if you post messages on their WebGroups message boards.

And, of course, WebGroups collects the information that you choose to provide when you make a post on one of our users' WebGroups message boards so that we can archive and display your posts. Please use caution when posting material on any WebGroups message board as your posts become immediately available to the public and may be recorded and stored by anyone.

How We Use the Information
We understand that your personally identifiable information is private and confidential. That's why we want you to know what we need to offer our services to you and how we use that information. Generally, we use your personally identifiable information to provide you with our services. For example, in order to verify your registration, we use your e-mail address to send you a message after you register so that you can validate your account.

We also use registration information to ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions and the law, and to better understand our user base. We use that information in the aggregate to improve our services to you, and may provide aggregated information to our advertisers or investors. None of this aggregated information is personally identifiable. For example, WebGroups may report to business partners or advertisers that "55% of members are female and the average age is 27." Also, WebGroups also reserves the right to use or disclose any user information if we have reason to believe that user may be violating the law, our rights, or the rights of other WebGroups users.

Finally, WebGroups may send you messages on a regular basis to keep you apprised of your membership status, site developments, and to inform you of new offers. You also have the ability to send messages to and receive messages from other users.

To Whom We Disclose Information
Be assured that your personally identifiable information, such as your name, address information, and email address is not sold to others. In the interest of bringing the highest quality services to you "under one roof," however, WebGroups may form partnerships with other Web-based services. Some of these arrangements may include the sharing of some of your personal information with our partners in order to extend these services to you. You have the opportunity to opt out of joining any of our partner services at the time of registration.

WebGroups, as well as its partner sites, may send you e-mail messages on a regular basis to keep you apprised of your membership status, site developments, and to inform you of new offers. Examples of this on WebGroups include the WebGroups newsletter and special offers from our business partners. Included in each of these messages are simple instructions on how to remove yourself from these mailings if you do not wish to receive them in the future.

Additionally, we may use third parties to help us perform services, like processing credit card information, transmitting emails in response to your requests, or other service-related functions. If these third parties require access to your personally identifiable information in order to provide their services, they will abide by their own privacy policy when handling your information.

There are some situations where we may need to disclose information to organizations or entities not described in our policy here. First, we may be legally required to disclose your information if required by a subpoena or court order. If this happens, and it is permitted by legal authorities, we will attempt to notify you at least 15 days before any disclosure. Second, we may transfer the information in our possession in connection with a sale of assets of the company, a sale of the company or a merger.

Special Note on Personal Profiles
After you register a message board with WebGroups, you are able to create a personal profile with information that you can make accessible to other WebGroups users. Your profile can include a variety of information, including a name, e-mail address, physical location, occupation, or other information such as a photo, listing of recent posts you have made, a personal biography, or other personal information. Please be aware that WebGroups does not generally monitor or review the information in your profile and the information that you choose to provide will be publicly accessible. Please use caution when deciding on what information to include in your personal profile. WebGroups will maintain your personal profile on our servers until such time that you delete or modify that personal profile.

Changing and Deleting Your Information
After you register with us at WebGroups to host a message board or forum, you will have an opportunity to change your e-mail address so that you continue to receive future messages from WebGroups. At this time, we do not have the ability to give you access to edit your other registration information, but we are working on providing this feature in the future. Keep in mind that the information you provide on your personal profile page as a user of a message board is readily accessible to you and may be modified and deleted at any time.

How We Protect Your Information
We understand that you are providing personal information to us here at WebGroups. While we have gone to great lengths to describe what it is that we collect and how we use it, we would also like you to know how we protect your information. It is our intention to treat your account information with the highest level of care. Along those lines, we have implemented industry standard firewall protection and password protected all of the databases that contain your information. Message board administrators and employees who need access to your information to perform their jobs are the only ones who receive the passwords to our members' information. Regardless of their access rights, all of our employees are required as part of their employment with us to respect and protect your private information. Grounds for not doing so as an WebGroups employee may constitute termination. You are also one of the most important aspects of our security. Please do not share your password with anyone and be aware that anything you post in any WebGroups forum can be viewed by others and by WebGroups. In order to best protect yourself, please think twice before providing personally identifiable information on any WebGroups.

Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act
We at WebGroups believe it essential that parents are involved in their children's online experiences. That is why, in compliance with federal law, we do not knowingly collect information of any kind from anyone under the age of 13. If we become aware of a user under the age of 13 providing information on our site, we will terminate that account and purge our databases of all information provided by that user.

Modifications of This Policy
In the future, WebGroups may update and revise its privacy policy. We will provide conspicuous notice on our website if we decide to change our privacy policy. At that time, you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not you would like WebGroups to apply the new privacy policy to your personal information or to opt out of the new policy. If you continue to use WebGroups, you will be accepting the new policies. If you decide to opt out of the new policy, you will no longer be able to participate as a user.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy still unanswered after reviewing this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by mail at the following address.

WebGroups Privacy Policy Questions
Attn: Shane Tripcony
4 Eleanor Court
Little Rock, AR 72212


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